iPhone App

  1. •))Communicate with a friend by simply pressing the volume buttons on the side of one iPhone to make the other iPhone vibrate.

  2. •))Both iPhones seem "off" and can stay in their respective pockets.

  3. •))Come up with your own simple code (single vibration, double vibration) or use Morse Code.


-Use the volume buttons to communicate in secret, with the iPhone in your pocket.

-Log of sent and received messages.

-If you use Morse Code, messages get automatically translated in the logs.

-Works through either WiFi or 3G/EDGE.

-Automatically reconnects if you get disconnected (eg poor cellular reception).

-The speed of Morse code input/vibration can be changed to accommodate novices as well as pros!

Usage notes:

-Both you and your friend must have Buzzbuka installed and running.

-Until your friend connects, your messages are played back on your own iPhone. This mode allows you to practice.

Exchange secret messages with a friend without anyone around you noticing

// Trick your friends

// Have fun in classes or meetings

// Do a perfect magic trick

// Coordinate with your wingman in a bar

// Secret messaging with your significant other

// Etc...